Today’s Faith

Today has been a day of faith. I was fishing this morning with a small group from church and I was talking to one of them, and I heard the bells jingle on my fishing pole, and faster than I could even look to see the bells jingling on my fishing pole, I looked over and my fishing pole was already 4 ft into the water and sinking down to the bottom of the lake.   A monster fish had a hold of my pole. I did get the record for the biggest fish that caught me though, caught me by surprise that is.

I looked at the guy I was talking to and I told him, “Well, looks like I’m going to have to pray a prayer of faith about now.”  Sure enough, I was getting ready to leave because   I was convinced that somebody would be walking along and look up to heaven and say, “I need a fishing pole and a fish,” and look down and there would be my fishing pole for them, but that was not God’s will today.

My fishing pole has a cork handle and one of the guys spotted it bobbing on the other side of the lake, so I stopped my car got out and one of the guys had called his wife and she said to get a grappling hook so we had one ready and we had three poles in the water all grappling hooked out and then one of the grappling hooks eventually caught my pole and we reeled it in.

Then, later I was at home staining my deck and I always use oops cart paint and stain unless I have to have all one color of the same thing then I will buy it new. I ran out of stain and I made this post on Facebook, I said, “I just ran out of stain for the deck, headed to the store and one thing about how I was raised, you always pray for the patient in the ambulance when it drives by, for all the people at the scene of a wreck and anyone who may have already left for medical attention, and you don’t just pray for a parking spot for where you are going, you thank Jesus what you need is already on the oops cart for you when you get there!”

So, I get to Home Depot, which is where I usually shop, and there’s only two cans of stain on the oops cart, and they are priced way too high for my budget, so I was going to just go to a different Home Depot store and the Holy Spirit told me to go to Lowe’s, which I never hardly go there, so I obeyed the Holy Spirit and I went to Lowe’s and there at the store, on their oops cart, was exactly the right amount of stain I needed to finish this job I’m doing.