The life and times of Joey Haire

Today’s Faith

Today has been a day of faith. I was fishing this morning with a small group from church and I was talking to one of them, and I heard the bells jingle on my fishing pole, and faster than I could even look to see the bells jingling on my fishing pole, I looked over and my fishing pole…

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Holy Spirit Language

This morning at Main Event 2021, John Kilpatrick preached a message of his entitled What If. He got a little ways into the message and the Holy Spirit showed up in a big way. John Kilpatrick started speaking in tongues, and we all raised our hands and we all started speaking in tongues. The language that came out of…

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Holy Spirit Power

There comes a time when the world thinks it has more power than God. This time has came throughout the world’s history in many different eras through many different leaders in places of rebellion where the people would begin to think they did not need God and they could do it on their own or they could do it…

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