Prayers Of The Innocent

What an amazing night at Main Event 2021 where Perry Stone preached on when Satan makes an ambush, like a pre-planned sneak attack on your life, like Book of Job. We have all been through things in our life and as he was giving his testimony my mind was racing with all the things that happened to me throughout my life that were attacks by the devil.

I grew up in church and I’ve always known about the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare, not that I always knew how to fight it but I knew it existed because I went through it the first 20 years of my life. I did not know all the promises in the Bible. I was raised Catholic and I went to private Catholic School most of my life but we were taught stories and I had Bibles.

I think I read the New Testament on my own but it’s not really just a Catholic thing because I know people from other denominations that went through school and just got the stories and stuff too and they did not get any meat of it until they got out on their own and started studying it. That may not be the case with every denomination but I think that has changed now since those people have grown up and what they have done has spread throughout other branches of Christianity where more people are in-depth studying the Bible.

Although, there are a lot of people in this world that know nothing about the Bible and there’s a lot of misinformation out there, like there’s people that watch a lot of YouTube videos that just do not tell the truth about Jesus.

I know when I first started searching for the truth about Jesus I was confused I had a hard time finding anything that I believed at all so I prayed prayed and prayed that God would send me to the truth.

Now, though, I have been studying the Bible deeply for about three and a half years and I’m going to school three different places for Ministry and Bible related studies, so after hearing Perry’s testimony tonight I went and studied for one of my classes I’m studying in Luke, so I started studying in Luke and what first caught my eye I started studying deeper and I came to a realization that God cannot resist the prayers of a person who prays for those who did the person wrong. In fact, many translations say those types of prayers have great power and produce wonderful results.

When I get back home I’m going to start a section on one of my websites for Bible study where I’ll be making videos I just got some new technology making some videos of some bible study lessons and starting there and just getting into deep stuff or maybe not even deep stuff just getting into stuff and making videos for it and putting it out there, and that will be located on my website