Holy Spirit Power

There comes a time when the world thinks it has more power than God. This time has came throughout the world’s history in many different eras through many different leaders in places of rebellion where the people would begin to think they did not need God and they could do it on their own or they could do it by the means of a king.

This time, God’s power will shine through the forces of evil not like a metaphor, but like the actual power that God is, like a rain that overshadows the meadows of time in a place where no one can see what is bred and refined where the silver that exists is free for any person to take, all they have to do is choose God’s way.

So many will pray to their god and not hear, so many will say my healing is near, so many will fall as their wishful thinking breeds a call that those who love them will see the truth through it all. Like a sacrifice to their god at the altar, a sacrifice of blood where their sin is their wager, yet what they sacrificed for nothingness their loved ones will see and the one true God’s reign upon their head there will be.

The part that is cut off from the rest of this prophecy the last two lines read as:

Science will fail you, Jesus will save you.