Douglas Inn

Been at the hotel room over an hour now and there is an episode of Hoarders on TV about a woman who is hoarding things for people left behind in the Rapture, but that is just an excuse to hoard. Her sister does not share her beliefs about us being in the last days.

My mom texted me and said Facebook is down and there are now former employees exposing Facebook for certain things, which is not surprising to me, especially if you seen my last couple posts there before I hit the road for Cleveland, TN for Perry Stone’s Main Event 2021, which I am excited to experience. It was cancelled last year because of COVID.

2019 was my first year ever to attend, I had just got baptized a few days before and the Holy Spirit told me to go a couple weeks before I got baptized, but I did not have any money to go. I stepped out in faith and registered anyway. The next day I went to work and work announced we would be working overtime the next two weeks, 60 hours a week, 20 hours overtime each week, and then it would end, and that overtime gave me another extra money to pay for a hotel room.

God’s will, God’s bill, speaking of that, there is a Cracker Barrel right next door to my hotel room, so I am about to order some food.