Day One 2021

Well, I woke up too late for the free breakfast, good thing there is a Cracker Barrel next door! Their steak was good last night, I was kinda worried when I opened up the package and there was only one set of cheap plastic silverware with only one napkin it in, so, I was forced to be neat and tidy, for once in my life, and the steak was tender enough that the flimsy cutlery cut through the steak just fine. 

After I ate last night I realized I forgot to pray over this hotel room. I could feel lingering spirits left behind from previous guests within the room. Once I prayed over the room, the atmosphere changed and I placed warring angels all around me, that is something everyone needs faith for, angels, they are here to do God’s work for us.

Anyway, tonight at 7pm is opening night of Main Event 2021. Perry Stone is preaching, and I am pretty sure he is preaching about what is going to happen this year, according to Hebraic patterns, he preaches it every year.

I remember at International Campmeeting 2019, Perry Stone preached about America’s Perfect Storm coming in 2020, and man was he right! He even said something was going to happen with the Capitol building! See for yourself: