Angels Among Us

This morning at Main Event 2021, Pastor Tom preached a message called Angels, Angels, Angels, and it was amazing. The Glory of God fell all around everywhere, there were healings, there were people so overpowered by the Word of God that they could barely stand, I know I saw people get healed in the Spirit that hasn’t even been reported yet.

Pastor Tom told stories of angelic visitations from people’s testimonies at church and how demons have been released over the earth and so have angels and angels are here to help us, to help with our hedge of protection in these times.

I was so in the Spirit while service is going on with Pastor Tom that there’s not a whole lot I can say except glory to God because I know there was tongues flowing out of me, some of the tongues were tongues of praise while other tongues were tongues of healing like there was prayers coming out of me and it was happening with people all around me the glory of God was just shooting out of us from the Holy Spirit who lives within us.

We who are members of Pastor Tom’s Church sometimes maybe we take for granted the anointing we sit under and The powerful services that we have every time we get together as a congregation, but any church within the body of Christ can have that experience that is part of the promise of being a Christian, and if you’re not experiencing that on a regular basis you should come check out Community Family Church in Independence Kentucky