American Freedom

I have been eyeballing this one certain barbecue place everytime I come to Cleveland, TN for an event. Everytime I am about to round the final turn before reaching OCI, I see Jordan’s BBQ, so, after service this morning, I decided to try it out.

They not only have pork, but also beef and chicken, so I got the large beef sandwich. I sat at the counter, and as I looked around I was amazed, I looked up and there was an Israeli flag on the ceiling, a sign in front of me about firearms welcome and they gave away free Bibles upon request at the checkout counter!

As I thought about all the great things about America, a live news feed came across the television with a report of a mass shooting at a Dallas TX high school. I was reminded of the war we are up against right now, the demonic forces that wish to take away all the rights we have as Americans, which is inevitable for Bible prophecy to come to pass.

These demons have attacked American church leaders and have slithered their way into  American government and are now attacking American children, yet this is a worldwide issue, it is happening worldwide, America is just the last great stand of a gentile nation centered around Jesus.

The church leaders that have been attacked and have remained standing, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are the shepherds Americans need to sit under, yes, the Holy Spirit is limitless and can travel across airwaves and heal online, no problem, but no one can put God in a box and just when you think that way of sitting at home and just watching church is the way, Jesus will change it up, He always does.

Christians need to gather with other like minded Christians, and that is biblical. The bottom line is the attacks are not letting up, they are getting stronger and if you expect Jesus to defend you, then you need to know Him, and not just know of Him