2 Year Blessings

Jesus sure has blessed me in the last two years! In 2019, I coasted into Cleveland, TN for Campmeeting 2019 on fumes and got hit with a security deposit for the hotel room I was not planning on having to pay. I only had $60 to eat on for the next couple days and all my phone chargers broke on the way down, so I had to spend $20 of the $60 on a new phone charger because without GPS on my phone, I would have been completely lost. Jesus softened the hotel room owners heart and the owner waived the deposit!

I only had a couple pairs of pants in 2019, and they were jeans that did not fit very well, along with a few tshirts that were my only few that were not ripped or stained.   Today, I was able to bring a lot of nice shirts and a few pairs of khakis, along with a suitcase full of nice tshirts and new jeans. I kind of have an obsession now with shopping at TJ Maxx for socks and draws because no one has a better price than TJ Maxx on socks and draws, and belts too; go with only a few pairs of each and one torn paint stained belt that didn’t fit right for a long time and that happens when Jesus blesses.

Also, here in 2019, there were so many books at the Main Event I wanted to buy that I could not afford. I was so hungry for the truth of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit told me not to worry, He said I would have plenty of the books I wanted soon. Now, I have acquired a nice collection of those books in the last two years.

Also, I wanted Perry Stone’s Old and New Testament Study Bibles so bad. I was at Homecoming Revival 2019 in mid September at Community Family Church in Independence, KY, seeing Perry Stone preach. I was not water baptized yet, but I did know Jesus. Pastor Tom rebuked the spirit of poverty, then, Perry Stone held up his newly published Old Testament Study Bible and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, telling me I would soon be able to afford one, and, sure enough, less than 8 months later, I was able to buy not one, but two of them, along with two of Perry Stone’s New Testament Study Bibles also, one set for me and one set for my son! I even have this nifty case for the Old Testament one. The other case is my dad’s old case, it has my NKJV Messianic Prophecy Bible in it.